Customer reviews
Vanessa Rojas-Marin, Smith & Nephew France 4 Jul 2018
    I placed an order with Medical Models and am happy with both customer services and the inserts which we received in good time. 
Yvett Joosten, Smith & Nephew NL 29 May 2018
    I am happy with the service and products from Medical Models. The order process was smooth and the goods arrived when the company said they would. And, it hasn't been difficult to swap products. 
Paola Menegat, Smith & Nephew Italy 10 Apr 2018
    I regularly place orders for inserts with Medical Models and am always happy with their products and services.
Nicky Lord, Smith & Nephew Australia 24 Jan 2018
    Excellent customer service!
Sudeep Jain, Johnson & Johnson 24 Jan 2018
    We are very happy with the new MITA Hip Workstation V2.5 - the new features of modular pelvis function well with the new lighter workstation. Excellent service & follow-up from the team (Aliya & Oliver) to ensure we received the models on time!
Tiffany Chin, J&J Australia 23 Jan 2018
    I am happy with both the MITA products and service I received from Medical Models. Aliya was particularly helpful and a pleasure to deal with! The courier was also exceptionally quick.