Customer reviews
João Crisóstomo, Perceive 3D 16 May 2019
    We recently ordered a MITA Co-Lateral Ligament Release Workstation and are very satisfied with the product.  Customer services were helpful during the order process.  Thank you! 
Dr Andrew Burton, DePuy USA 25 Mar 2019
    I am happy with the MITA products I received from Medical Models. There was a hitch with duties and taxes but it was resolved without too much difficulty. 
Matt Kostiainen S&N Australia 8 Mar 2019
    I regularly order and use your products, and am extremely happy with the quality and service from Medical Models.
Sam Duffin, DePuy International 14 Nov 2018
I recently ordered some proximal femur bones and replica stems and am happy with both. Customer services helped me clarify the order.
Peipei Zhang, Smith & Nephew Beijing 6 Nov 2018
    I'm happy with the goods and the service is good.
Vanessa Rojas-Marin, Smith & Nephew France 4 Jul 2018
    I placed an order with Medical Models and am happy with both customer services and the inserts which we received in good time.