Customer reviews
Erica Roche, Depuy US 25 Jun 2019
    "I have ordered from Medical Models on multiple occasions and have continued to be satisfied with the quality of their products and their customer service. They remain a top choice for my project needs.”
João Crisóstomo, Perceive 3D 16 May 2019
    We recently ordered a MITA Co-Lateral Ligament Release Workstation and are very satisfied with the product.  Customer services were helpful during the order process.  Thank you! 
Dr Andrew Burton, DePuy USA 25 Mar 2019
    I am happy with the MITA products I received from Medical Models. There was a hitch with duties and taxes but it was resolved without too much difficulty. 
Matt Kostiainen S&N Australia 8 Mar 2019
    I regularly order and use your products, and am extremely happy with the quality and service from Medical Models.
Sam Duffin, DePuy International 14 Nov 2018
I recently ordered some proximal femur bones and replica stems and am happy with both. Customer services helped me clarify the order.
Peipei Zhang, Smith & Nephew Beijing 6 Nov 2018
    I'm happy with the goods and the service is good.