UKAS Certified ISO 9001:2008 until the 11th of September 2018 ( 157925A).
We strongly believe in the continuous improvement ethos for every aspect of Medical Models Limited.
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Medical Models (renamed Staplebarn Limited on the 6th of April 2021) was established in 1990 to develop the standards of orthopaedics training and patient education. All of our products are manufactured in the UK and are exported to customers around the world.

The development of everyone who works at the Bristol site or remotely is a vital part of the company's durability and success.

We have a culture of responsibility, quality and consideration that is both appreciated and enjoyed by us and is reflected in the way we interact with our clients.

By working together with two other specialist manufacturing companies in the UK we complement each other's day to day activities, helping to reduce costs and speed up the development of new concepts. We have a lightness of foot and a culture of leanness that we are continuously trying to improve.

Our MITA RECON brand has an international trademark promoting a world-class range of arthroplasty training equipment licensed to and manufactured by MML.

Customised MITA products are also produced in conjunction with institutions such as Imperial College London and global joint replacement device manufacturers such as DePuy Synthes (world-wide), Medacta (world-wide), Exactech (world-wide), Global Orthopaedics ( Australia), Smith & Nephew (world-wide), Omni Life Sciences (USA), Zimmer Biomet ( world-wide) to name a few, visit the reviews page here to see what our clients say about working together. 

The main inspiration comes from Oliver Browne-Wilkinson who founded the company. Since 1990, Medical Models Ltd has developed a variety of unique (patented) training and patient education concepts to meet the diverse needs of the international orthopaedic market.

The company falls into five departments:- Research and Development, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Accounts and Distribution.
Annual inspections ensure Medical Models retains its ISO 9001:2008 certification as a group company.

Below is a list of all granted patents held by the patent offices in the UK and around the world for the professional training workstation, replaceable inserts and magnetic model invented by Oliver Browne-Wilkinson over the last 20 years.

Please respect their ethos and integrity.

Thank you for your time and interest in our company, we appreciate any feedback you would like to give. Please click here

Best wishes, Oliver Browne-Wilkinson, Director.

Great Britain 

Proximal femur and Hemi Pelvis No. GB 2436978 Granted 23/03/2011, filing date 06/10/2005.
Bone-A-Part Patent No. GB 2294573 Granted
Magnetic Knee Patent No. GB 2264190 Granted


Improved Magnetic Knee Patent No. 6695619 Granted
Magnetic Hip Patent No.6524111 Granted
Prosthetic Hip Design No. D469808 Pending
2008 granted US patent 7384268


New Bone-A-Part Patent No. 4701633.2 Granted


New Bone-A-Part Patent No. 200480002155.3 Granted


New Bone-A-Part Patent No. 219379 Granted.

The costs of filing and maintaining the granted patents is high and we ask everyone involved in orthopaedic training to respect the rights associated with each invention.