Credit Card payments are 3D secure and processed remotely using  

You can use either AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD.
We send you an invoice for accounts purposes once
the goods have been shipped.

Other ways to pay 

1. Pro Forma BANK TRANSFER (BACS) payments.

A quotation can be requested via the shopping cart
A signed Purchase Order is required to process the order into production
We then email you our bank IBAN and BIC references to make the advanced payment process quick and easy.

2. Set up an ACCOUNT.

For customers ordering on a regular basis.
Our terms are invoice payment in full within a maximum of 20 working days from receipt of invoice
and ask that you respect that deadline (as credit control is not included into the sales price).

A credit limit is also agreed when the account is created
and we tend not to send goods if that limit has been reached,
but we are flexible and understand cash-flow for smaller enterprises.