Customer reviews
R.H. Smith & Nephew Cambridge, UK 18 Aug 2020
    I recently ordered 2 packs of MITA inserts and am happy with the quality. Customers services were helpful and the whole process was straightforward.
S.D. Smith & Nephew UK 14 Jul 2020
    I recently ordered a MITA workstation with tibia adjustable inserts to go with it for delivery to S&N Switzerland. A special effort was made to turn the job around quickly and there were no hitches.
K.K. Xel-Ha, Japan 14 Jul 2020
    In April we ordered a basic MITA workstation with a pack of inserts. The order process was straightforward and the goods arrived on time. We are happy with the products and will order more inserts when and if we need them from the same company.
E.S. Smith & Nephew Korean Republic 14 Jul 2020
    S&N KR have been ordering MITA inserts for several years. We trust the company and are always happy with the products and services. Communicating with customers services is easy as they respond promptly to any queries.
D.D. Smith & Nephew, Germany 14 Jul 2020
    S&N Germany regularly order MITA products. We are always happy with the products and the order process is smooth.
HK, Smith & Nephew, Korean Republic 7 Jul 2020
    I regularly order MITA tibia adjustable inserts with patellas and they are delivered to us at S&N Korea without any problems. Customer services are helpful and the products are good quality.