Customer reviews
BW - PEI Surgical - Ireland 24 Aug 2023
    I requested information on an item I hadn't ordered in a while. The customer service team were able to help establish the correct item quickly and I received it within a few weeks.
AW Smith & Nephew GmbH - Germany 21 Feb 2023
    There was a slight delay in delivery however this did not cause too many issues. Overall I was happy with the experience
YK - Aquamed Japan 14 Feb 2023
    This is the first time ordering a neutral knee insert and I would have liked a smaller quantity to try. I was happy with the purchase of 25 knee inserts.
HC - United Orthopaedic Corporation - Taiwan 2 Feb 2023
    I give this product five stars
SK Smith & Nephew Bangkok 24 Jan 2023
    My order was for a leg workstation and shipping case. I am very happy as they meet my needs perfectly
LE - Smith & Nephew Norway 6 Jan 2023
    The order process for a pack of knee inserts was quite straightforward. I arranged my own shipping and found the customer services team helpful with this. The items arrived as expected and I am happy with the service I received.