MITA Collateral Ligament Release Workstation with Locking Foot
MITA Co-Lateral Ligament Release Workstation with Locking Foot

Additional FEATURES 

Medial and lateral  co-lateral ligament adjusters mounted on the lower leg.

Locking foot to allow for exact and stable positioning of the tibial plateau whether internally and externally rotated.

The workstation allows for the Basic and Tibial Adjustable Knee inserts to be used. 

Neutral, valgus or varus with or without patella. 

Ligament release for correct balancing of the joint space after the bone cuts have been made.

Ligament tensioning to create realistic deformities to match the anatomy designed into the Varus, Valgus knee inserts.
(Code: M-00593)
£ 1,700.15($ 2,367.46)
MITA Knee Trainer Version 3
The basic trainer knee is perfect for knee arthroplasty workshops.  It is designed to illustrate the key anatomical relationships between the head of femur, the joint line of the knee and the foot. Without these key relationships the value of the surgical training is fundamentally flawed.

(Code: M-00635)
£ 1,445.00($ 2,012.16)
MITA Cadaver Leg
Developed for advanced surgical training courses.

Collateral ligament adjusters

Locking hip joint

Correct anatomical alignment to the hip

Patella tracking

Foot holder

Engineered for long life and repeated use. With just the occasional servicing, the Foot Holder has been used in the field for over ten years.

(Code: M-00057)
£ 2,418.00($ 3,367.07)
MITA Cadaver Leg Version 2

Welcome to the New Cadaver Lower Leg.  It has been designed for the new knee inserts that adjust on the tibial side rather than on the femoral side.

The lower leg also accepts the old knee insert as well, so that old stock may be used.

Please watch the video clip to fully understand the functionality of this upgrade.

(Code: M-00564)
£ 368.25($ 512.79)
MITA Knee Trainer Version 3 Right Hand Side (RHS)
(Code: M-00688)
£ 1,445.00($ 2,012.16)
MITA Full Calf Co-Lateral Ligament Release Workstation

This workstation combines the MITA Co-Lateral Ligament Release Workstation with the Lower Cadaver Leg.  
(Code: M-00655)
£ 1,669.40($ 2,324.64)
Basic Trainer Lower Leg

(Code: SUB029)
£ 249.00($ 346.73)
MITA Leg Upgrade Version 2 - Tibial Adjusters for Tibial adjustment collateral release inserts 
(Code: M-00636)
£ 197.50($ 275.02)
MITA KNEE TRAINER VIDEO - Demonstrating the assembly methodology and kinematics of the workstation.
Please click on the details button below to watch a short video giving greater explanation of the MITA knee.
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MITA KNEE TRAINER VIDEO - demonstrating all the features, benefits, assembly, and bone cuts
Please click the details button below to watch the complete video that includes all of the features and benefits of using the MITA knee workstation and replaceable inserts.
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