(Code: M-00647)
£ 177.80($ 225.79)
LEFT LEG Collateral Ligament Release Workstation with Locking Foot
MITA Co-Lateral Ligament Release Workstation with Locking Foot

Additional FEATURES 

Medial and lateral  co-lateral ligament adjusters mounted on the lower leg.

Locking foot to allow for exact and stable positioning of the tibial plateau whether internally and externally rotated.

The workstation allows for the Basic and Tibial Adjustable Knee inserts to be used. 

Neutral, valgus or varus with or without patella. 

Ligament release for correct balancing of the joint space after the bone cuts have been made.

Ligament tensioning to create realistic deformities to match the anatomy designed into the Varus, Valgus knee inserts.
(Code: M-00593)
£ 1,955.15($ 2,482.84)
Developed for advanced surgical training courses.

Collateral ligament adjusters

Locking hip joint

Correct anatomical alignment to the hip

Patella tracking

Foot holder

Engineered for long life and repeated use. With just the occasional servicing, the Foot Holder has been used in the field for over ten years.

(Code: M-00057)
£ 3,475.00($ 4,412.90)
LEFT Cadaver Lower Leg only

Welcome to the New Cadaver Lower Leg.  It has been designed for the new knee inserts that adjust on the tibial side rather than on the femoral side.

The lower leg also accepts the old knee insert as well, so that old stock may be used.

Please watch the video clip to fully understand the functionality of this upgrade.

(Code: M-00564)
£ 683.60($ 868.10)
LEFT Magnetic Knee Insert - no Patella

Patents for MITA magnetic technology were granted in 1997 and since then we have made several types of magnetic knees, hips and shoulders. This latest version of the magnetic knee is generic and has the distal cut (9mm on the lateral condile, 6mm thick on the medial condile) and a tibial resection (8mm from the lowest point of the medial compartment of the tibial plateau).

(Code: M-00119)
£ 280.50($ 356.21)
MITA Leg Workstation Shipping Case

The New MITA Leg Workstation Shipping Case is both protective and durable. It is ideally suited to long and short haul transit.

Customers outside the EU please note: The delivery cost at check out does NOT include any local duties& taxes that may be payable before international couriers will release the goods.
(Code: M-00187)
£ 310.00($ 393.67)
LEFT Knee Insert -  Varus - no Patella (Pack of 25)

The Varus Knee Insert has been specifically designed for newcomers to orthopaedic surgical procedures.
(Code: M-00566)
£ 1,016.00($ 1,290.22)
LEFT Knee Insert - Valgus - no Patella (Pack of 25)
The  Valgus Knee Insert has been specifically designed for use by newcomers to knee arthroplasty training.
Elasticated collateral ligaments and PCL only.
(Code: M-00567)
£ 1,016.00($ 1,290.22)
Unity Magnetic Knee with:

Varus deformity in the tibial resection

Adjustable Ligaments 

All in one Cuff ( combined cuts for the femur)
(Code: M-00691)
£ 495.00($ 628.60)
MITA Full Calf Collateral Ligament Release Workstation

This workstation combines the MITA Collateral Ligament Release Workstation with the Cadaver Lower Leg.  
(Code: M-00655)
£ 1,919.81($ 2,437.97)
Leg Adjusters Version 3 only
Tibial Adjusters for Tibial adjustment of collateral release inserts both left and right hand sides.
(Code: M-00636)
£ 415.80($ 528.02)
Left Knee Insert DD - Sleeve Revision - no Patella (Pack of 25)
Left Knee Insert DD - Sleeve Revision - no Patella (Pack of 25)

This knee revision insert developed to fit the MITA workstations and used specifically for sleeve revision implants (it will work for wedges as well).
(Code: M-00574)
£ 1,739.00($ 2,208.36)